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Coach / Parent Communication Protocol


First and foremost it is essential to understand the importance of the coach/parent relationship. Strong parental support for your program can be the difference in a good program and a great program. Parents should be comfortable communicating with the coaching staff and know that their concerns will be heard. The following protocol will be used in communicating with concerned parents:

1.     The student-athlete should visit with his position coach and head coach about his particular concern. During this conversation, the student-athlete will be given all the information relating to his strengths and areas for improvement. If the student-athlete is still feeling that he is not being treated fairly, then proceed to step two.

2.     The parent and student-athlete will set a meeting time for discussion with his position coach and head coach.  As in life, there is a proper time and place for everything. Please do not approach a coach directly after a game or directly after practice. The meeting will include both the parent and the student-athletes.  Please do not request to speak to the coaching staff without your student-athlete’s awareness. We are trying to teach them to be better men, we will not do things to lose their trust.

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