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  • To earn a varsity letter as participant of the KCHS Football program, a player must play in 18 quarters.  This is based on playing in 50% of the quarters during the regular season. Playing in quarters during the post-season will count towards the 18 quarters.

  • To reward players for dedication and sacrifices, players have to the potential/option to earn quarters with participation in the following:

    • Attending UNK Football Team camp= 1 quarter

    • Attending KCHS Team camp= 1 quarter

    • Attending KCHS 7vs7 and/or OL/DL competitions= 1 quarter

    • Summer Strength & Conditioning attendance:

      • 100% attendance= 4 quarters

      • 95%-99% attendance= 3 quarters

      • 85%-94% attendance= 2 quarters

      • 75%-84% attendance= 1 quarter

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