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A team shop ordering platform has been set up via The Graphic Edge.  We have offered this opportunity the previous 5 years and will offer again this year. THIS IS AN OPTIONAL PERSONAL GEAR ODERING OPPORTUNITY.  Any items ordered will be shipped directly to KCHS, plus pre-packaged with the name of the person ordering on the package.  Parents, I suggest you use your student-athletes names as the orders are traditionally handed out during summer strength & conditioning.   The items on the team shop are mainly compression shirts, padded shirts, girdles, and gloves (lineman & skill player). We chose not to brand the shirts as they are mainly worn under shoulder pads.  Here is the team shop link= KCHS FB Team Shop.
The only items that is considered a "must have" would be the Under Armour Skill Wrist Coach .  We are a no huddle offensive team and our offensive plays are listed within the inserts of the wrist coach.  If you are a incoming freshman or transfer student to KCHS, we are highly recommending you order the wrist coach via the team shop.  Additionally, I would recommend freshman/transfers consider ordering a 7 pad girdle.
The KCHS FB Team Shop will be open until 11:59 pm June 6, 2021.
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